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Featured Artist #9: Introducing Jack Hawitt on Fresh Dose.

As the ninth feature on the Fresh Dose. blog, we are introducing the ever so talent Jack Hawitt.

Each week Fresh Dose. will be featuring a new artist from our playlist on our blog to highlight great independent talent.

We asked Jack Hawitt three questions to help us understand a little more about his song Better Days.

1: Choose 3 words that best describe you as an artist?

This is a hard one but I’ll have to say Dreamy Piano Pop

2. What was your inspiration for writing this record?

Better Days was written in January during the 3rd lockdown which let's face it was pretty bleak! The story behind the song is about wanting to be asleep and dreaming because that’s where we can literally go wherever we want and when we’re awake we’re back to a not great reality. I wanted to really explain that in the music video (which comes out on the 17th) so I wrote a poem about dreaming for the opening scene of the video!

3: Shout out section - who’s your favourite independent artist we should listen out for?

I’m gonna shout out Amber Prothero. I worked with her last year on her track Won’t Let This Love Go and her vocals are a dream!

4: What’s your other favourite record on this week's Fresh Dose. Top 20?

Mysie - Overtime is an absolute bop!

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