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Featured Artist #32: Introducing AJ.XO on Fresh Dose.

As the thirty-second feature on the Fresh Dose. blog, we are introducing the ever so talented AJ.XO.

Each week Fresh Dose. will be featuring a new artist from our playlist on our blog to highlight great independent talent.

We asked AJ.XO four questions to help us understand a little more about his song titled Ready or Not.

1: Choose 3 words that best describe you as an artist?

Relatable, Myself & Authentic

2. What was the story or inspiration for writing this record?

This song came about kinda quickly. It was back in June right before I took a vacation to LBI, NJ, one of my favorite places to be. So I was super inspired by summer & beach vibes at the time. I heard the beat on Youtube and just started singing to myself and before you know it I had the “1-2-3-4 ready or not girl Im coming” and from there the rest of the song just took off. I think the best part is that the song is all freestyle, it just came right from a place of experience so it wasn’t hard to come up with the words.

3: Shout out section - who’s your favourite independent artist we should listen out for?

One of my favorite independent artists out right now is a guy named Kid Travis. He’s definitely helped me carve out pieces of my sound and how I approach music. I look to him as something like a mentor. The conversations I have with him are always helpful and genuine and I love watching him keep winning.

4: What’s your other favourite record on this week's top 20? Why?

With that being said, he actually has a song called Naive that’s on this weeks top 20 playlist. The record is my favorite because of a variety of different reasons, but one that stands out is the production. The addicting bass-line that moves through the background of the song is probably my favorite piece of the record other than his vocal performance.

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