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Featured Artist #20: Introducing Beso Palma on Fresh Dose.

As the twentieth feature on the Fresh Dose. blog, we are introducing the ever so talent Beso Palma.

Each week Fresh Dose. will be featuring a new artist from our playlist on our blog to highlight great independent talent.

We asked Beso Palma three questions to help us understand a little more about the song Without Measure featuring Gia Vorne.

1: Choose 3 words that best describe you as an artist?

- collaborative

- versatile

- experimental

2. What was your inspiration for writing this record?

Without Measure” explores cultivating relationships without “keeping score”. The track emphasizes the idea of offering unconditional support and love to those close to you without expecting anything in return.

“Unconditional love is hard to come by these days in any relationship, romantic or not. I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in doing favours as a motive for something in return. Gia and I wanted to embody the act of selflessness, setting aside egoes to love freely.”

3: Shout out section - who’s your favourite independent artist we should listen out for?

Mel blue!

4: What’s your other favourite record on this week's Fresh Dose. Top 20?

- falling & falling - gives me Jeremy zucker vibes! Super pretty

- Malibu - love that groove and Anderson vibe, the flow is crazy good as well

- losing my perfection - got that ‘dang’ by Mac Miller swing to it mixed with a bit of disco

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