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Featured Artist #18: Introducing PSiMiTAR on Fresh Dose.

As the eighteenth feature on the Fresh Dose. blog, we are introducing the ever so talent PSiMiTAR.

Each week Fresh Dose. will be featuring a new artist from our playlist on our blog to highlight great independent talent.

We asked PSiMiTAR three questions to help us understand a little more about their song Fading featuring Genesis Elijah.

1: Choose 3 words that best describe you as an artist?

Eclectic, chilled and driven

2. What was your inspiration for writing this record?

Fading was born off the back of listening to a lot of UK garage and hearing tracks like Kurupt FM and Craig David, Sammy Virji and material on EZs new label. We have always liked that sound, so when we sat down to write something new, we wanted something upbeat, but with a sound that wouldn't alienate people who had discovered us throughout 2020. Having the opportunity to work with Genesis Elijah was cool as well, we had heard some of his UKG influenced tracks, like Paris, over lockdown and it all slotted into place.

3: Shout out section - who’s your favourite independent artist we should listen out for?

Shout outs...

Genesis Elijah! His new album has just dropped, it's excellent and he is a great MC.

Children of Zeus, who I think still fall into the category of independent artist... Their latest album Balance is phenomenal.

Finally, one to watch is Luke Royalty. Steesh showed me his single I Could Used To This when we were recording a few months back and I absolutely love it. He's had some really good support across BBC...

... Introducing and his other tracks are really strong too. And he's from up here in the North East too. A well deserved shout out!

4: What’s your other favourite record on this week's Fresh Dose. Top 20?

It's between Blue by Eugénie and Next To Me by Benny Atlas / Shiv for me (LKP)... Two completely different records, but both excellent. I love the vocal on Blue, and the production is a breath of fresh air. Next To Me is something I can hear in my sets next to stuff like Anderson Paak and Easy Life, it's got that laid back, late summer evening vibe to it. Very impressed with the whole playlist to be honest, proper taste maker selection and feel privileged to get on it!

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