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Featured Artist #15: Introducing Darla Jade on Fresh Dose.

As the fifteenth feature on the Fresh Dose. blog, we are introducing the ever so talent Darla Jade.

Each week Fresh Dose. will be featuring a new artist from our playlist on our blog to highlight great independent talent.

We asked Darla Jade three questions to help us understand a little more about her song Disconnect.

1: Choose 3 words that best describe you as an artist?

Purple, energetic, emotional

2. What was your inspiration for writing this record?

Disconnect is a track all about the falling in and out of an unhealthy relationship, which is also why I liked the idea of linking it with internet themed lyrics because I think nowadays it's also very easy to find yourself in an unhealthy relationship with social media and the pressures that comes with it.

3: Shout out section - who’s your favourite independent artist we should listen out for?

Ahhh there is so many! One independent duo I’ve been loving recently is called ZELA and I’d highly recommend taking a listen - they describe their music as Brat pop! So moody but so cool!

4: What’s your other favourite record on this week's Fresh Dose. Top 20?

I’ve been taking a listen and there is sooo much talent in this playlist! But if I have to pick one i would pick Bed by Niko Rubio! I loved it so much - an absolute monster of a track! 👏🏻

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